Add a Project and Generate Safety Documents

To get started with a new work site select the menu item Projects button on the main menu. The Site List Page will be displayed.



Click on the Add Project button displayed on the Work Site List page. 



Please note: if you use the  <<<Previous Page button in this wizard process, then your changes may not be saved. 

1. Enter the Site Details





  • Site Manager: If the name is not in the list then click on   to add the details of the new Manager or site Supervisor. 
  • Copy from Template: select a template from the list. You can set up your own templates in the Admin Menu. 

 Press Next Page Button to save and continue. 

 Later on, you may need to go back to the site you created, here how: 

To Update an existing work site:  

  • select the menu option Projects. 
  • click on the Name of the worksite to display the Site Page. 

click on Update Site induction at the bottom right. 


2. Review & update your Online Site Notice board

SiteBook will build the Site Notice board, with the contents copied from a Template.  



  • Your workers and Subcontractors will see this when they access the site online. 
  • The contents in the Notice board will be copied from the Site Template Notice board when the site is first created. This default template is selected on your “Company Details Page”. 
  • You can insert pictures and videos into the noticeboard. Refer to SiteBook Editor User Guide for more information. 

 Press Save Button to save and Next Page continue.


3. Review your Work Health and Safety Documents 

  1. SiteBook will generate the Safety Management plan for the site, based on a template. 
    Review and update the plan, changing nearest hospital and Emergency meeting point. 



    Generate: To create or update Safety Management Plan.
    Cancel: Will not save any edited or modified information.
    Save: Will save any changes made.

  2. Actions: 

    Delete Selected: Delete the document (removed from this site. Stays in your document list).
    Title: Click on the title to view the document.
    Revise: Update the document details.
    Select Document: allows you to select a document that was previously used on another site, that does not require any changes for use on this site.
    Upload Document: allows you to upload a document that you have previously prepare from your computer e.g. a pdf document.


    1. These documents will be shown to your workers during their online induction.
    2. You can choose to show a document to your Subcontractors workers (in “Update”).
    3. These documents can be accessed at any time by authorised personnel (explained later).
    4. Documents will be copied from the Site Template, with special text replaced for this site.

    Tips: You MUST have the following documents:

    “Work Health and Safety management Plan” for projects over $250K.
    “Safe Work Method Statements” for your workers High Risk Construction work.
    “Material Data Safety Sheets” for any Hazardous chemicals brought on site.

4. Review your Induction Slides (Policy Statements) 

SiteBook will generate the Induction training “slides” based on your template.  
Review and update the slides for the site.  There are 5 default slides, all slides are shown on the same page for convenience when adding a new site . 
During the Induction, Workers will see the slides, one at a time. 




Edit Slide: Edit selected slide.
Delete Slide: Delete selected slide.
Add Slide: Allows you to add a new slide.

Press Next Page Button located at the bottom of the page to continue. 


  1. These slides (or pages) will be shown to all workers during their online induction for this site.
  2. Initially the slides will be copied from the Site Template, with special text being replaced for this site.
  3. Slides are ordered by Page number.
    To change the sequence of slide, edit the slides and change the page number.