Monitor Contractors

Monitor Contractors shows a list of all Contractors and their Current WHS Status

Click on a Contractor Name to see their Safety Overview

SWMS shows any outstanding SWMS

Wkrs shows a list of workers and their induction status

Ords shows any outstanding orders

PQual shows any Pre-Qualification issues

SWMS will show the Contractor's SWMS uploads

Click on a SWMS to review it

Wrks will let you add workers or induct them

Add to add a worker

Induct Now to induct them on the current device

SMS Induction to send them an SMS notification

A worker induction will show any fields not yet complete wil Red or Yellow Icons

Click on a Step to complete it

Finish to complete the induction

The worker will now have a Green Tick

PQual shows any outstanding prequalification issues

To notify a contractor click the Phone Icon on the monitor contractors menu

You can call them directly or add them to your contacts list