Case Study - Bricklaying Business

"Most job management systems are developed overseas and don’t cater for Australian Safety laws.

In particular, there is often no facility for workers on-site to prepare a SWMS."



An Australian bricklaying business was looking for an easy way to provide supervisors and workers with job information, and ensure that their business was compliant with Australian WHS/OHS laws.

As owners, the husband and wife team manage four to five bricklaying gangs, or approximately 15 workers.

The focus is mainly residential sites with some commercial work, but for most jobs they are required to provide a SWMS as evidence of their safety process.



The business was using email to distribute job documents such as plans

and specifications. Emails were often lost, and so it was a challenge to provide the supervisors with the latest versions.

SWMS were completed with pen and paper, and had to be scanned back at the office in order to email a copy to the principal contractor. This was a time consuming process, and used a lot of paper.


The business’s requirements were:

  • Provide the latest version of the plans and specs to the supervisors.
  • Allow Supervisors to create a SWMS on-site and Workers to sign-on to a SWMS.
  • Keep Track of White Cards, qualifications, & tickets with an expiry indicator.

On top of that, the solution must be cost effective and affordable for a small business.



A review of products available showed that most job management systems were developed overseas and don’t cater for with Australian WHS laws. In particular, there is often no facility for workers to prepare a SWMS on-site.

SiteBook was chosen as it met all the requirements, and offered a 30 day, obligation free trial.

The existing SWMS and JSA’s were provided to SiteBook, and they converted the documents into a format that was compatible with the mobile app.

The Safety Manual, including SDS & SOPs was also uploaded into SiteBook, so all workers could access documents through the mobile app.

A 30 minute Training session was provided via webinar, covering the basics of SiteBook including:

  • Adding a job
  • Uploading Job specific plans
  • Allocating workers to a job

Supervisors and workers were sent a SMS to download and log-in to the mobile app, along with some basic training on low to prepare a SWMS, and access job documents.

Now all job & safety information is online, for Supervisors and workers to access via their smartphone.



“Love SiteBook for our Bricklaying business. Easy to use App. Quick and easy way for our workers to use SWMS and to view plans online without having to search for things. Makes our business run like a breeze. Worth a try for any construction business.”

- Fiona,  Administration Manager.