Case Study - Civil Construction with Plant Operators

“The best thing about SiteBook is the ability to customise both the web and mobile app to suit your current business model.”

Business Introduction

A civil construction & earthworks company developing subdivisions for a local council was required to provide evidence of their safety systems during regular safety audits.

The company was using a paper based system to record Pre-Start check lists and prepare SWMS on-site. The paper work was often lost and seldom found its way back to the Safety Manager, who was required to collate the safety information ready for safety audits.


The Safety Manager set about investigating options for an online safety management system, and created a list of requirements:


Plant / Vehicle Maintenance

  • Allow Plant operators to complete Pre-Start check lists on vehicles and plant
  • Raise Faults and automatically notify the Mechanics of any issues
  • Capture plant hours and k/m so Mechanic can schedule maintenance
  • Track the lifecycle of Faults, recording close-out details
  • Allow Mechanics to record Maintenance logs for vehicles and plant


Site Safety Management

  • Allow staff to prepare and review a SWMS on-site, and allow workers to sign-on to SWMS
  • Provide a “Dashboard” for the Safety Managers and other Managers to view all safety information online
  • Provide quick access to records for safety audits when requested by council auditors
  • Keep track of a Training register for staff and contractors to identify when cards/ticks were about to expire
  • Allow for tracking of Incidents, Hazards, & injuries


The system also had to include a mobile app that is easy to use for the Plant Operators and field staff, and allow room for future expansions or other customisation that may be required.



The safety Manager was tasked with reviewing the available systems and decided to trial SiteBook, as it met most of the requirements, and could be customised for the business.

After some customisation, the company started a 2 month trial of SiteBook.

The Safety Manager was able to show the Plant operators and other key staff how to use the mobile app. Now all the Plant Operators are using their phones and tablets to complete their safety obligations.

The company also introduced time sheets, and now uses the app to track field staff’s time spent on-site for wages.

The site Manager now has quick access to check that safety standards are being followed and can provide evidence when safety audits are conducted by external parties.



SiteBook has made managing on-site WHS a breeze. The transition from a paper based system over to a modern day touch style system has been welcomed by all facets of our workforce from young to old.

The ability to have up-to-date WHS data at your fingertips aligns with our culture of “Safety is a Shared Responsibility” while maintaining our prequalification with our clients and state regulatory bodies.

The best thing about SiteBook is the ability to customise both the web and mobile app to suit your current business model

Chris and the crew at SiteBook have been a pleasure to deal with and always ensure timely and accurate troubleshooting advice.

- Ryan, Safety Manager