Case Study - Hunter Coast Homes

Award winning Australian builder Hunter Coast Homes was looking for an online system to manage safety and quality on their worksites.

HCH’s multi-unit development projects, including townhouses, villas and duplexes all required strict safety and quality control.

Prior to SiteBook, safety and quality management was entirely paper-based.

SWMS, reports, and inspection checklists were all filled out by hand, making it time-consuming and difficult to manage.





Hunter Coast Homes required a way for Site Managers to monitor and review safety and quality standards across multiple job sites.

HCH’s directors devised a list of their requirements:

  • A site diary with ability to upload photos
  • Ability to assign actions to a defect-list, including notifying responsible persons
  • Site specific documents folders for Plans & Specs
  • Contractor Inductions
  • Plant register
  • Collect and review contractor SWMS
  • Quality check lists
  • Contractor Management – Collecting and reviewing Licences & insurances

Above all, these features had to be in an easy-to-use mobile app.




Hunter Coast Homes reviewed a number of available systems and found that SiteBook met a number of requirements.

SiteBook sent a letter of offer and HCH agreed to a one-month trial period following set-up.

The set-up involved adding all 14 staff members to SiteBook, as well as connecting 150+ subcontractors via the free-for-contractors mobile app.

Over 30 different safety and quality inspection checklists were converted to an online format and made accessible to personnel through the SiteBook mobile app.

HCH’s safety documents (inductions, plans & specs) were also uploaded to SiteBook and made available to specific personnel.

SiteBook also agreed to a number of additions and changes to the system to best suit HCH’s needs.

In fact, a number of improvements made to our Website and mobile app have come at the request of Hunter Coast Homes, including changes to the site diary and safety templates.

Since completing their trial, Hunter Coast Homes has been using SiteBook to monitor job safety and ensure quality for a year this November.

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The SiteBook app is free for Trades and Subcontractors.

SiteBook is geared specifically towards Australian Companies and their safety management needs.

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