Case Study - Principal Contractor


An Australian Builder was using Procore, a high-end USA-developed project management

system, to manage work site information.

“Procore is a great system, but doesn’t include the features required for Builders to manage

safety in Australia.”

Site safety had to be managed using paper-based methods, including in

ductions, where

“White cards” and “High Risk Work Licences” had to be manually photo-copied.

“We were looking for a cost effective system to reduce the paperwork and keep records of inductions, SWMS and site safety management."



The Principal Contractor required a solution which gave Site Managers and Workers a way to fulfil their safety requirements on site.

Also, Project Managers at the office wanted access to the information, to ensure that policies procedures were being followed.

This solution had to:

  • Provide Site Inductions and collect photos of cards & tickets using an app or Kiosk
  • Record Site Attendance
  • Show a daily safety notice to workers arriving on site
  • Collect and review SWMS from Contractors
  • Collect and review Licences and Insurances from Subcontractors
  • Provide visibility of data at the office and on site

Above all, these features had to be in an easy-to-use mobile app.



The Principal Contractor reviewed a number of products available on-line, and eventually decided to trial SiteBook.

An initial setup involved converting the Principal Contractor’s safety documents (Inductions, Checklists, and procedures) into an online format, to be accessed through the mobile app.

Since completing their free trial month, the Principal Contractor has now been subscribed to SiteBook for several years.

The Principal Contractor has Site Managers able to monitor worker induction progress, review subcontractor licences, and sign-off on SWMS, all through the SiteBook mobile app.

The SiteBook app is free for Trades and Subcontractors.

SiteBook is geared specifically towards Australian Companies and their safety management needs.

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