Case Study - Roofing Business


An Australian national roofing company was looking to move

from paper-based job

management to a cloud-based system with a mobile app for the supervisors and workers.

The company employs 15 staff alongside numerous subcontractors, working on residential and commercial sites.

Each supervisor is required to prepare a SWMS, complete a JSA Checklist, and fill out a Timesheet

as part of each job. Workers are also required to sign-on the SWMS for each job.




The business was using a paper based system at the time, which was difficult to coordinate

and hard to monitor on a national level.

The business owner made a list of their requirements, then set about looking for a solution. They looked at approximately 10 online Systems, none of which met all the requirements.


Business Requirements

The business’s requirements were:

  • A way to prepare and sign-off SWMS while on site
  • A way to complete JSA Checklists on site
  • Timesheets
  • Easy access to all Job Specs and Safety Documents
  • Provide supervisors with plans & job documents
  • Allow photos of the job to be saved

All of the requested features had to be in a mobile app.



The Owner contacted SiteBook and after a short discussion found that the Tradie App met most of the requirements, and  SiteBook agreed to make some changes to the app to suit their business.

SiteBook’s mobile app was a good fit, but required a way for supervisors to prepare SWMS on site using their phones. The SWMS component was built into the app, allowing supervisors to prepare a site specific SWMS using their mobile device, and workers to sign-on to the SWMS.

The business was also able to make use of the app’s Pre-Start Checklist component, where workers could complete a JSA checklists and sign-on using their mobile phone.

Along with the SWMS templates, all other safety documents including the Safety Manual and SDSs were converted to an online format and made available through the mobile app.

Job specific documents including plans and specs were also uploaded for each individual job.

After the initial setup, and a quick training session, the company conducted a one month free trial of the app.

Presently, the company has been using the app for over a year.

Using the SiteBook mobile app has made it possible for managers, back at the office, to track which teams have completed their SWMS and JSA Check lists across multiple sites in different States.

Workers can now complete Timesheets on their phones, and upload any site photos directly to the jobsite’s page on the app.