How to Configure Mobile App Menus

The SiteBook mobile app menus can be configured companywide, or for a single person.

Menus configured company wide will affect all staff, while menus configured for individuals will act as personalised menus.


To change the default company menu first go to the Main Menu

Select the Admin Tab and choose Company Configuration

Make sure Mobile App has a tick in the checkbox and select Menus

From the Menu List select Add Menu and enter the Menu Name

Click on the Menu Name to edit the menu

On the Edit Menu Page:

Add Menu items to have them show in the mobile menu

Remove Menu items to hide them from the mobile menu

Up / Down Arrows will change the order that the menu items are displayed

If a Menu is a Default Menu it will apply to all people associated with your company


To add a menu for an individual person, add the menu

Then select the person whose menu you wish to change

On the Person's Edit Page:

Select the SiteBook Account Tab and choose the Mobile App Menu you wish to use

Make sure to Save

That person's mobile app menu will now use the selected template