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Thanks for checking out our FAQ’s Page!

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[mt_lineheader size=”5″]Subcontractor Questions[/mt_lineheader]

[mt_toggle title=”How do I upload a document for my Subcontractor?”]You can upload documents into SiteBook on behalf of your Subcontractors.
Select the site, select Subcontractors, and find the Subcontractor in the list. Click on the Name to view the details.
Click on “Docs” for the Subcontractor, click on Upload Documents button at the bottom of the Documents List.
Fill in the details and select the document from your PC
If the Subcontractor is not assigned to the Work Site then Update Site Information, Jump to Subcontractors, and select the subcontractor. [/mt_toggle]

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[mt_lineheader size=”5″]Security and User Account Questions[/mt_lineheader]

[mt_toggle title=”How do I change my SiteBook User Name or Password?”]Sign-In to SiteBook. From the Main Menu choose Personnel, Personnel List. Search for your Personnel record. Edit the record by clicking on your name. Select the “SiteBook Sign-In tab. Enter a new Username or Password. Click on Save button at the bottom of the page. [/mt_toggle]

[mt_toggle title=”Why do I have to Sign-In again after 60 minutes?”]For security reasons, your SiteBook session only lasts for 60 minutes. After this time you must sign in again. This is why it is important to save any changes you are working on, before you get distracted or go out for lunch![/mt_toggle]



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[mt_toggle title=”How do I remove a Site from the Site List?”]When you have finished with a work Site, you can remove it from the Site List by un-checking the Active flag.
Main Menu, Site List, Update Site Information, uncheck the “Active” flag. IMPORTANT: Click Next Page to save. [/mt_toggle]



If you have a question then email us at support@sitebook.com.au