You can get help with SiteBook several ways:


1. User Guides

How does SiteBook Work: how is the safety information collected from subcontractors and workers.

Getting Started with SiteBook :  our recommended steps to get your staff trained and your subcontractors on-board.

How to Setup a Work Site : the guide to setting up your first work site project in  SiteBook.

How to Monitor the Work Health and Safety Status of a Work Site in SiteBook.

How to add workers to SiteBook when you are on-site.

How to Setup Email Templates :  how to configure the email temples for your business.

How to Manage Subcontractor Agreements and Policy .

How to use the SiteBook Editor : how to use the online text editor in SiteBook for Noticeboard, Induction Slides (polices), and online documents.

Subcontractors – How to provide WHS information: a guide for subcontractors

SiteBook Work Health and Safety Process : This is a process diagram that shows the steps involved with collection of Safety information including: site set-up by the Principal Contractor, information collection from Subcontractors, and site inductions for workers.

How To make Tender Documents available in Work Site Specifications


2. Send us an Email

Email a request to Sitebook help and we will get back to you ASAP.

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3. Read the Frequently Asked Questions  – FAQ’s

Here is a list of the frequently asked questions.

How to Reset Your Password 

How to Reset a User Password

How to Remove a Work Site from the Site List


4. Phone Us

Please read the User Guides first, then if you still need help, then call SiteBook Support on 1300 736 316.