How to Manage Subcontractor Agreements and Policy

SiteBook can assist with administration and management of subcontractors by:

  • Providing a Pre-Qualification Process to collect subcontractor information and documents
  • Distributing and collecting Subcontractor agreements
  • Recording contractor “Approvals” and flagging when they are due for annual review
  • Displaying warning messages for expired licences and insurances.


1.     The Contractor List


Select the Contractors tab from the drop-down menu, and choose My Contractor List

The Contractor List displays Contractor Contacts and Pre-Qualification Status

The Icons indicate Pre-Qual status



Agreement and Policy Approved and no warnings exist


Issues found. Click PreQual to view warnings.


Clicking on PreQual shows the Manage Subcontractor Page for that Contractor

2.     Manage Subcontractor Pre-Qual


This is what the Manage Subcontractor Page looks like. Your contractors do not see this page.

The Subcontractor’s Pre-Qual process is shown on the top Left

Only items with “Required” boxes Ticked appear in the Subcontractor’s Pre-Qual List

If you require more items, e.g. like a Contractors Licence to be provided during Pre-Qual, just Tick the box next to “Contractors Licence

If a Contractor does not provide a required item, a warning message will be displayed for that contractor

You can also indicate if a Review is required, and check the Review Status of individual requirements

Please remember to SAVE any changes before exiting this page


3.     Notification Options and Reviews


Further down the page you can send notification emails for Information Requests or Expiry Reminders

An Information Request Email will contain a link to the Pre-Qual process for the subcontractor to complete

You can also indicate if the Contractor’s Pre-Qual is ready for Review and see the most recent review date


4.     Warning Messages


Issues found are displayed as warming messages:



View or enter notes regarding the warning message




Set the status of the message to inactive, when you wish to suppress the warning


View or Fix


Navigates to the Page where the issue can be resolved.


Check For Issues


Runs the error checking process for this contractor, and refreshed the page with warning found.
Warnings that have been overridden are not updated, and remain inactive(suppressed)


To re-instate a warning that has been overridden:

Notes --> check “Active” box --> Save



5.     Set up your Pre-Qual Template


To set up your default Pre-Qual Template:

Select Edit Template from the Manage Pre-Qual Screen

Set the default requested items by checking the box next to each policy


At the bottom of the page is the Subcontractor Agreement Section

If you require the subcontractors to complete an agreement, you will first need to upload an Agreement Template

Upload a PDF Version of your Subcontractor Agreement Template

Once the Template is uploaded, type your Instructions in the text box

Add any special Instructions that you wish to display to the contractor regarding the Agreement

Make sure to Save before you Exit the page.