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For a limited time Sitebook is offering MBA Members an opportunity
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MBA members receive a 50% discount on any set-up costs
*Valid till 30 June, 2021**

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We provide construction safety & quality systems to Australian builders and subcontractors.



* The 30 Day Trial is available to a maximum of 5 users per business. The 30 day trial commence date is effective
from the day of receiving your login details. At the conclusion of the 30 Free Trial period the access to the logins
will be suspended unless;

1/ A business agrees to continue with the service and enter into a service agreement with Sitebook
2/ Sitebook agrees in writing to extend the service

** The 50% discount on Set up costs for MBA Members is valid from 21 January 2021 until 30 June 2021. A member
will be required to provide their MBA membership number to be entitled to this discount. The discount is applied to
the service agreement pricing schedule.