How to Monitor a Work Site



This user guide describes how to monitor the Work Health and Safety (WHS) status of subcontractors and workers on work sites using SiteBook. The following topics are covered:


  1. Monitoring Subcontractor WHS Compliance status
  2. Reviewing a SWMS
  3. Monitoring Workers - Induction status
  4. Sighting White Cards & Other Tickets
  5. High Risk Work Licences
  6. Assigning Contractors to a Site
  7. Menu Bar

1.     Monitoring Subcontractor WHS Compliance (PCBU Check List)


Main Menu --> Projects

 Monitor will take you to the Monitor subcontractors Page

Clicking the Site Name will take you to the Site Overview Page

Monitor Subcontrators Page displays a list of all subcontractors assigned to the site

 Chk Lst (Check List) indicates Pre-Start completion

A green tick means the subcontractor has completed their Pre-Start Check List


A red exclamation means the subcontractor has not completed their Pre-Start Check List



Swms: 1 Shows number of SWMS documents provided. Click to view

Click to view all provided documents.

Wkrs: 3 Shows number of assigned Workers to the Job.

Click to view the List of Workers assigned to the Site.

Ordrs: 1 Shows Contractor’s Work Orders. Click to see the details.

Green = Accepted

Red = Not Accepted

PQual: 0 Shows number of outstanding prequalification items.

Click to review the pre-Qual items

Email Sends a “Pre-Start Check List” email to the Contractor.



What to Look for:

All Contractors should have a green tick in the Chk Lst column
If there is a red exclamation, click it to view the warning messages.


White background – OK. Click to view documents.
Red indicates an issue. Click for details.
Yellow indicates a document review is required.
Click to review the document


White background – OK. Click for details.
Red indicates an issue. Click for details.



2.     Reviewing a SWMS


The site supervisor should review the SWMS to ensure they are suitable for the work performed.

Click Swms and review

Use View to open / download the document

Once finished, flag as reviewed with Reviewed OK, or Reject the document.





Opens / downloads the document


Reviewed OK


Click after you have reviewed the document and it is OK






Click to enter a reject the document.

You will need to enter a reason for rejection

The contractor will be emailed automatically


3.     Monitoring Workers (Personnel)


SiteBook lets managers check the Induction Status of the workers on a work Site.

The Site Manager can check that workers have:

  • completed an online induction
  • provided their details
  • been given Site Safety information
  • provided a white card
  • provided a High Risk Work License


Click on the Inductions tab

This screen shows the induction status of all workers assigned to the site

The Status and messages will indicate the following:

Induction Complete and Cards Sighted by Site Manager.
Induction for this site not complete (inducted on another site)





Attention Required:

·         Workers cards require sighting

·         no induction or details on record (within 2 years)

·         Expired Card or Licence

·         No White Card


Manual Induction
Site Manager has recorded a “Manual induction” and overridden SiteBook checks.  “Manual Induction” button is on the “Induct” Page.


Induct Perform an induction for the worker now, on your device, or flag the worker as having done a manual induction
Report Display a report on the Induction Status of the Worker
Remove Remove the person from the Work Site List


4.     Sight Cards & Tickets


SiteBook allows Site Manager to “Sight” white cards and other qualifications.

A Card only needs to be sighted once, by any Site Manager within your company.

To record a card as “Sighted” in SiteBook:

  • Click on the Worker Name to view their details

  • Scroll down to view their cards
  • Click Flag as Sighted


5.     High Risk Work Licences


Workers must be Licenced to perform High Risk Work.

SiteBook can be configured to ask workers whether they are performing High Risk Work during their Induction

If the worker answers Yes, they will be required to provide a High Risk Work License


A High Risk Work Licence is required for:

  • Crane and hoist operations
  • Elevated work platform with boom > 11 metres
  • Dogging and rigging work
  • Forklift operation
  • Pressure equipment operation
  • Scaffolding erection where fall height > 4 metres


To turn on this option:

  • Click the Update tab

  • Click the Options tab

  • Select High Risk Work Licence from the menu and Add

6.     Assigning a Subcontractor to a Site


Select the Contractors tab

If a subcontractor is not listed on the “Contractors” page, you can assign them to the site.

Search for the contractor by name or Select the contractor

If they are not already in SiteBook, then use the Add Subcontractor button




A tick indicates that the subcontractor is already assigned to the site




Select the subcontractor to assign them to the site





Remove the subcontractor from the site.
NOTE: this will remove all records of Documents, workers, and inductions for the subcontractor
Add Subcontractor If the subcontractor is not in the list, then press to display the add subcontractor page