Plant and Equipment Faults / Maintenance Log - Mobile App

During the Pre-Start Checklist, a Fail Answer will let you add a Fault

When adding a Fault you will need to provide:

  • A Photo
  • A Description
  • An Assignee
  • Whether the Issue is Major or Minor
  • Whether the Plant is Safe to Use

Save when finished and complete the Checklist

The person Assigned to the fault will be notified

Click on the Plant name in the Vehicles/Plant List to view its Fault List

If the Plant has a Major Fault you will be taken directly to the Fault List

Otherwise you can use the Maint. Log Tab on the bottom of the screen

Click on the Fault Name to Resolve the Fault

Click on Complete Fault

Enter any Notes and the Cost

Save when Finished and the fault will be added to the Maintenance Log

Plant and Equipment Faults / Maintenance Log - Computer