How to provide your Safety Information

1. Getting Started

SiteBook is an online system used to collect Safety information from Contractors, and provides Workers with site inductions.

Contractors will receive an email that contains a link to open your PCBU Job & Safety Check List in SiteBook  that looks like this:


2. Safe Work Method Statements

We are required to collect and review SWMS from Contractors who perform High Risk Work.

  • Click on Upload SWMS to provide a copy of your SWMS, which has been signed by all your Workers.
  • If your team is not performing any High Risk work on this site, then click No SWMS Required

3. Workers - Under your direct Supervision

We are required to ensure that all Workers have a white card, and to provide Workers with Safety information for each Site.

  • Click + Worker to provide the details of your Workers Attending the site.
  • Click Cards & Email to review, enter, or update the workers cards & contact details.
  • If the Workers’ details are already in SiteBook then Select Workers

4. Workers - Continued

  • + Worker will let you add a new worker’s details
  • The Send Email button can be used to send induction requests to the new worker

  • Select Workers will let you select workers already in SiteBook
  • Workers will be sent a Site induction email automatically, to the email address provided.

5. Subcontractors

Please indicate if you are using subcontractors on this Job, by clicking either Yes or No

  • If Yes, then click + Subcontractor Job to enter the contact details of the Subcontractor.
    • If you have already entered their details for a previous Job,
      then select the sub-contractor from the list.
    • SiteBook can email the contact person a Pre-Start Check List,
      or you can complete their Pre-Start Check List.

6. Safety Declaration

When you have completed the items above, then please Confirm your Safety Declaration.

7. Worker Inductions complete

SiteBook will automatically send your Workers a “Site Induction” email.

Please ensure your Workers complete their induction before attending the site.

You can review the status of your Worker Inductions, update card details, and re-send inductions request emails.