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Aussie Built for Aussie Builders

SiteBook is an Australian company with clients in every State.

Rest easy knowing our all-in-one job and safety management app is built for Australian Standards.

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Go Paperless

Safety and quality management at your fingertips with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Complete attendance visibility

 Whether your site is using QR-Code check-ins, or our Geofenced Auto-Attendance – stay in the loop with attendance registers for each worksite at your fingertips.


Quick and easy QR-Code Inductions

No downloads, no hassle – Worker inductions are as easy as scanning a QR-Code. Our system is free for your workers and contractors.


Cloud Access Plans & Specs

The latest site documents, anywhere, anytime, on your mobile phone. Keep your workers and contractors up-to-date with cloud access to all the latest documents.


 Stay in Control of your worksites

Scheduling, tender management, call lists. SiteBook has everything you need to manage jobs and projects alongside safety.


Monitor compliance, anywhere, anytime

SiteBook uses an intuitive traffic-light system for managing contractor safety. Monitor each worksite with our easy-to-read visual compliance indicators.

Quality and Safety Management

All of your checklist forms templates and can be put into SiteBook and completed through the mobile app. Everything you need to manage site safety in one place.

QR-Code Inductions


  • Everything your workers and subbies need on their mobile device. 
  • Collect cards, tickets, & qualifications. 
  • Complete induction registers for each worksite, with traffic-light compliance indicators and instant SMS notifications.

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Geofenced Auto-Attendance & QR-Code Attendance

  • Scan a QR-Code to arrive, scan again to depart.
  • We also offer Geofenced Auto-Attendance, for silent arrivals and departures.
  • Full attendance registers for each worksite with Emergency SMS notifications.
  • Complete attendance history for all sites with search filters and exportable data.

Online Plans & Specs


  • Connect the site and office with real-time revisions and updates via the the cloud. 
  • The latest Site Documents available on each workers mobile device at the touch of a button. 
  • Use our in-app PDF Viewer complete with mark-ups, annotations, and email forwarding.
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Project Management


  • Job scheduling and contractor notifications are available in our Gantt chart and call-up sheet.
  • Tender management for projects including bidder selection and document distribution.
  • Lock work orders behind safety requirements to secure compliance from your contractors.

Contractor Management


  • Pre-Qualification requests for contractors with licence and insurance collection, subcontractor agreements, and more.
  • Automatic renewal requests for expired contractor items.
  • SWMS review is easy – simply request a copy online, and review on your computer or mobile device.
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Safety Management

Everything your workers need to work safely:

    • SWMS & Checklists
    • Toolbox talks
    • Hazchem Register
    • Incident Reports

Full site-specific archives of automatic PDF reports for each safety document generated through SiteBook.

Safety Management

SiteBook makes it easy for Builders to comply with WHS legislation.
On-line systems mean that information is available at the office, or on-site.

Site Inductions

  • Capture photos of white cards and any other required licences
  • Provides workers with a copy of site safety documents
  • Shows site rules & notices
  • Captures a signature to complete Induction
  • Induction report is emailed to the builder, or available online in SiteBook
  • Induction request can be sent via SMS, email or by downloading the app

Site Attendance Register

  • Captures the details of who is on site
  • Captures the reason for site attendance
  • Automatically populates site arrival time
  • Trades can enter a departure time to “Sign-off” the site
  • Update departure time when leaving site
  • Site Manager can see who is on-site
  • Site Manager can SMS a “Sign-off” request to Trades who forget to Sign-off the site

SWMS Review

  • Easy SWMS review process for site Managers
  • Keep a record of who & when the SWMS reviewed.
  • Ability to reject a SWMS and notify the subcontractor of the reason,
    requesting an updated SWMS e.g. SWMS not signed by workers.

Site Diary

  • Keep a record of events on site
  • Configure your own headings

Site Photos

  • Keep a gallery of site photos
  • Use a phone or tablet to capture images

Toolbox Talks

Communication and consultation is an important part of safety management.

  • Record Toolbox meeting (safety meetings) topics discussed and feedback.
  • Log attendees and signatures

PCBU Safety Check list

SiteBook automatically requests and collects SWMS & Prequalification information from your subcontractors, using our PCBU Check-List.
Your staff can quickly identify which contractors are compliant, and which contractors pose a risk to your business.

Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

SiteBook automates the process of collecting pre-qualification items for your subcontractors.

  • Select the requirements for each contractors.
  • Review and approve items
  • Automated email requests for expired items
  • Includes:
    • Licences
    • Insurances
    • Qualifications

Site Inspection

  • Conduct Site Safety Inspections (Site Safety Audits) using a mobile device (e.g. iPad).
  • Capture photos of issues.
  • Record Corrective actions, assign to a person and SMS or email a notification.
  • Use our templates or create your own Check List.
  • A report is generated when the inspection is complete and saved with the project documents.

Risk Assessments

  • Provide your Staff with ability to complete a Pre-Start risk assessment check list on site before commencing work.
  • Select from our templates or create your own Check List e.g.
    • Prestart Check List
    • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Check List
    • Job Safety & Environmental Analysis (JSEA) Check List
    • Take 5 Check List

Incident Management (Incidents/Injuries/Hazards)

  • Record the details for Incident, Injures and Hazards on site
  • Attach photos, documents and or notes
  • Assign Actions / instructions / tasks and notify Persons of required actions
  • Review and Close-out process

Site Instructions

  • Issue Site Instructions to Personnel on site or subcontractors.
  • Attach photos or documents.
  • Send Notifications via SMS or email.
  • Includes Close-out and Verification process.

Safety Data Sheets

  • Provide your staff with online access to your Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
  • Provides an indicator for Expired SDS’s over 5 years old.
  • Upload and revise the documents as required.

SWMS Builder

  • Provide your Staff with ability to prepare Safe work Method Statement (SWMS) on site before commencing work.
  • Select the activities, Job Steps hazards and control measures from templates.
  • Review, Update and add workers to the SWMS.
  • Workers sign-on to the SWMS.

Hazardous Chemicals Register

  • Provide your staff with online access to your Hazardous Chemicals Register.
  • Record the storage of your hazardous substances.
  • Link to your Safety Data Sheets.

PPE Register

  • Record the details of Personal Protective (PPE) issued to your staff or contractors

Plant & Equipment Register

  • Record your details of your Plant & equipment
  • Attach phots
  • Attach maintenance logs & documents

Tag & Test Register

  • Record the test results for your 240v equipment

Training Register (with card photos)

  • Keep track of Cards, tickets & Qualifications
  • Capture photos of cards
  • Easily identify expired cards &licences

Quality Management

  • Quality Manual Online /Procedures
  • Check Lists /Inspection sheets
  • Corrective Action / instructions

Note: Quality Systems are customised for your business. Contact us for details.

Safety Manual Online

  • Provide your staff with online access to your company safety manual
  • Upload your own Company policies, procedures, and other documents,
    or purchase one of our safety manuals , customised for your business

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Provide your staff with online access to your Standard operating procedures
  • Upload and revise the documents as required