Principal Contractor Safety Pack

Ideal for Principal Contractors who manage construction projects. Customised to suit your business to ensure compliance with new Work Health & Safety regulations.
Manufacturer: SiteBook
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This safety Pack is designed for Principal Contractors who manage construction projects, to ensure they meet their obligations as a Principle contractor.

Included is a 30 page, easy to read:  "Guide for Site Managers - How to Manage safety of your Work Sites".

SiteBook Safety Services will work with you to design your package based on your business activities.


1 How to use this Safety Pack 
2 Organisational Details 
3 Common Terms 
4 Roles and Responsibilities 
5 Consultation & Communication 
6 Risk Management 
7 Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) 
8 Plant & Equipment 
9 Induction & Training 
10 Electrical 
11 Hazardous Chemicals 
12 Hazard Reporting 
13 Incident & Injury Reporting 
14 Engaging Subcontractors 
15 First Aid 
16 Emergency Preparedness 
17 Personal Protective Equipment 
18 Web Site Links to safety information
19 Principal Contractor Safety Management Plan for Construction Projects
20. Site Inspection check List

Forms & Attachments

Various forms, templates, & registers required to keep you & your staff/employees/apprentices safe. 


Includes Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for your Trade & activities.

Standard Operating Procedures

Includes 4 Safe operating Procedures (SOP's) for your power tools.

Consultation with Safety

Includes a 1 to 2 hour phone consultation with our Safety Adviser on how to use your safety pack & answer any questions.


After you purchase your Safety Pack, we will contact you to discuss your business activities, then we will prepare your safety Pack.

This safety pack takes time to tailor for your business, so please allow 5 days for delivery.
If you need it faster, give us a call !

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