Air-conditioning Installation - Commercial SWMS


This SWMS is for Air-conditioner installers on residential and commercial building sites using a ductlifter and covers the following high risk work activities:

  • Lifting ductwork onto Roof via Crane
  • Installing Evaperative A/C's on roofs
  • Ductwork Installation
  • Installing an inside A/C
  • Working at Heights

SiteBook Safety Services would be happy to assist with inserting further information onto any SWMS to suit your business and work activities.


1. This is an individual document and may not cover all of your Work Health & Safety requirements under the WHS regulations. If your business has employees, then we recommend that this SWMS be used in conjunction with a "Safety Pack" that is appropriate for the size of your business.

2. Your SWMS will be emailed to you as a MS-Word file and a PDF file.

3. Your SWMS takes time to prepare, so please allow 1 business day for us to prepare and email your SWMS after payment is recieved. 

For more information contact SiteBook on 1300 736 316 or email