Small Business Safety Pack : 2 to 5 Employees

Ideal for a small business to ensure compliance with Work Health & Safety Legislation. Includes SWMS + SOP's

This Safety Pack contains information to assist your business with compliance with WHS Legislation.

The delivery or "Rollout" of the safety pack includes a 1 hour consultation with our safety advisor (by phone or on-site).


1 How to use this Safety Pack 
2 Organisational Details 
3 Common Terms 
4 Roles and Responsibilities 
5 Consultation & Communication 
6 Risk Management 
7 Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) 
8 Plant & Equipment 
9 Induction & Training 
10 Electrical 
11 Hazardous Chemicals 
12 Hazard Reporting 
13 Incident & Injury Reporting 
14 Engaging Subcontractors 
15 First Aid 
16 Emergency Preparedness 
17 Personal Protective Equipment 
18 Web Site Links to saftey information 

Forms & Attachments

Various forms, templates, & registers required to keep you & your staff/employees/apprentices safe. 


Includes Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for your Trade & activities.

Standard Operating Procedures

Includes 4 Safe operating Procedures (SOP's) for your power tools.

Consultation with Safety

Includes a 1 hour phone consultation with our Safety Adviser on how to use your safety pack & answer any questions.


After you purchase your Safety Pack, we will contact you to discuss your trade & activities, then we will prepare your safety Pack.

This safety pack takes time to tailor for your business, so please allow 5 days for delivery after payment is received.
If you need it faster, give us a call !

Contact SiteBook for a quote phone 1300 736 316  or email