Site Attendance using QR-Codes

Trades arriving on site can quickly record their attendance using their phone.

A sign with a QR-Code can be placed at the site entrance, and when scanned will log a person's attendance on that work site.



  1. Scan the unique QR code on the worksite sign
  2. The mobile app will open and update the arrival time automatically
  3. The trade confirms the time and records their attendance by pressing ‘Arrive’



  1. When departing the site scan the QR-code again
  2. Your departure will be registered, just confirm the time and press ‘Depart’

What if I don't have the SiteBook Mobile App?


If the mobile device does not have the app installed then the qr-code will redirect the user to the app store to download the app for free.

Creating your own QR-Code Sign

To create your own QR-Code Sign first purchase some Weatherproof-Labels (e.g. Avery L7068)

    Obtaining a Site's QR-Code


  1. To obtain a site’s QR-Code, first open the SiteBook Control Centre


2. Select a project and go to the "Monitor" screen


3. "Update" the project


4. Select the "Options" tab


5. Down the bottom of the page, you can download the QR-Code for that site

(Note that “Site Attendance” must be switched on in the Site Options)

Testing the new QR-Code


  1. Make sure to test the new QR-Code by scanning it with your phone
  2. It should open the mobile app to the Site-Sign-In page
  3. Once the QR-Code is tested and working, print the label and stick on to your sign


If you have any questions, please contact us.