SiteBook Construction Management Modules continue to grow

With our existing Safety Modules and Updated Tender Modules, Check Lists, Daily Dairy, Defects, Toolbox Talks, Timesheets, Site Photos, Contractor Management modules all recently updated we have now released  our exciting new Scheduling module update.

SiteBook is now a one stop shop for all your Safety, Project Management, Tender Management and Scheduling needs to efficiently run your Site paperless from your mobile phone or back in the office.

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See below for details on our latest Scheduling updates.




Our Gantt chart has been upgraded to the latest technology and is now faster and more responsive than ever.

You can also share read-only versions of the Gantt with any assigned resources and have them confirm their booking date.

When sharing read-only copies of your Gantt chart, SiteBook can show the entire chart, or only the tasks assigned to the contractor.

Your existing MS Project Gantt charts can also be imported directly into SiteBook. Alternatively, you can create custom templates which you can copy over to each project.



We have also added a Gantt summary page, which lets you view multiple project Gantts on a single screen.

These Gantt charts can be expanded to view in full or collapsed into a single linear view, making it easy to determine any clashes and make quick updates to individual tasks.

It’s also great as a weekly summary for upcoming tasks across all of your worksites.



In addition to the Gantt summary page, we also have a resource Gantt chart.

This lets you view the monthly schedule for individual resources and their tasks within SiteBook across all their worksites.



Our Gantt charts tie in with the callup sheet on the mobile app.

This lets your site managers can view the task list for any given worksite, view the assigned resources, the forecast and booking date, and leave any notes internally or to assigned resources.


Version 2 Scheduling Updates coming mid 2022.

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