SWMS Smartphone App

SiteBook's smartphone app allows workers to easily prepare a SWMS on site using their smartphone

Here's how to prepare a SWMS using the mobile app:

Supervisors can amend the SWMS at any time using their phone. Activities and job steps can be added, edited, or removed to make the SWMS site specific.

Finished SWMS are saved as PDFs under the Job’s Documents folder, and can be emailed to builders if required.

The SiteBook mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices including smartphones and tablets.

Along with on-site SWMS, the app also offers other safety management features:

  • Pre-Start Checklists
  • Safety and Quality Checklists and Inspections
  • Worker Inductions (with licence and permit collections)
  • Vehicle / Plant registers

To see a full list of the app’s features click here