Tender Management

SiteBook Tender Management module provides a “no hassle” way to store and distribute tender documents.

Benifits include:

  • Save Time And Money

No more copying and posting paper plans and relying on slow mail delivery.

  • Quick & Easy Distribution

Simply Upload your documents, add your preferred tender bidders to the distribution list, then hit send. All your bidders are emailed a link to download the tender documents.

  • Review

Quickly view who has downloaded the tender documents.

  • Safe and Secure

Store your documents on our secure server. High speed internet connection with power backup even if your systems are down documents can still be accessed by authorised personnel.

  • Winners

Easily flag winning bidders, so future revisions are only sent to them.

  • Revisions

Need to revise a document?
Simply add a new document and it replaces the old one. Documents that have been revised are still available on the system but are no longer “active”.

  • Greater Oversight

Doing a cost plus project? Upload all tender bids and allow your Clients to view the relevant tender bids for their project.

  • Site Specifications And Drawings

Access site drawings and specifications anywhere with internet access on your tablet, laptop or pc.

For more information contact SiteBook.