To Do's / To-Do List

To access the To Do List select the Hamburger Menu in the top left of the Job List

Select To Do's from the slide-out menu

The To Do List displays all current tasks

Tick a task to complete it

Click the Pencil Icon to edit a task

Click the (. . .) Icon to see the task archive

Add To Do to add a new task

When adding a new To Do you will need to provide:

  • A Title
  • Notes (Optional)
  • Due Date
  • Assignee (defaults to person logged in)
  • Job
  • Reminder (optional)

Setting a reminder will send you a notification at a specified time

Reminders can also directly launch Checklists and Toolbox Talks

Tasks with notifications will have a Bell Icon

Reminder notifications set for specific tasks (e.g. Toolbox Talks, Checklists) will launch that screen when clicked

Clicking the Toolbox Talk notification will start a Toolbox Talk