Account Setup - JSA Checklists

On the Check List Templates Screen you can add and edit your templates

Add Check List to add a template

Click Details to edit and existing template

When adding a template you will need to provide:

  • The checklist code
  • A title
  • The type of checklist
  • A description

Next to continue

On the Edit Screen check the Active Checkbox to make the checklist available to users

Select the Report Document Group (The category the finished Checklist Reports are classified as)

To add a page enter a Title and use Add Page

Add Item to add items to a page

When adding an Item:

  1. Enter a statement or question to respond to
  2. Select the page it will appear on
  3. Choose whether users can raise actions or faults
  4. Select which responses will be visible
  5. Enter the possible responses

Save when finished