Account Setup - SWMS

The SWMS page shows all your current SWMS Templates

Press New SWMS Template to add a new template

Or press Details to edit an existing template

When adding a template you can copy an existing SWMS template

Enter a SWMS Code and a Task Name

Enter a Template Document Number (Use SWMS-01 or have it Match your Template Document)

Next Page when ready

Add any Requirements and Notes to your SWMS

Next Page when finished

Add your Job Steps by adding their name and clicking Add Step

Edit to change the step name

Up / Down Arrows to change the step order

Bin Icon to delete the job step

Next Page when all steps have been added

On the Hazards + Controls Page press Add Item

When adding an item you will need to fill out:

  • The activity
  • The hazards
  • The control measures
  • The initial and residual risk levels
  • The person(s) conducting the action(s)

Save when finished

After adding all of your activities press Finish