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‘Plan Ahead’ – Aust. National Construction Review – 20 Jan. 2016

Australian-developed SiteBook has added a game changing project scheduling tool
to its affordable construction safety App allowing builders to plan tasks, maximise work
schedules and identify conflicts and downtime with ease.

First released as a WHS tool, SiteBook now let’s builders schedule and track
tasks across multiple projects, maintain safety compliance and stay in touch with
subbies and suppliers, keeping your project under control.

SiteBook not only lets you monitor your project status from wherever you are on your
laptop, Smartphone or tablet but it takes away the pain of managing subcontractor WHS
compliance and pre-qualification.

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‘Sitebook cures project pain’ – Impress Media – 11 Jan. 2016

Australian-developed Sitebook has made managing building projects as easy as using your smartphone by adding project management tools to its affordable building safety app…
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‘SiteBook Software Improves Worker Safety’- Safe to Work, 30th Jan. 2014

The SA-developed workplace safety software aims to allow builders to reduce time, cut paperwork and avoid thousands of dollars in fines from the State’s new Work Health and Safety regulations. Read full article here –



‘Online app saves builders thousands’ – Advertiser Newspaper, 28th Jan 2014

SiteBook was featured in the Advertiser Newspaper last week. Here’s the article, in case you missed it…

SiteBook WHS software featured in Adelaide's Advertiser newspaper



ADELAIDE-based software developer Pelsys says its new online app is saving builders hours of time and thousands of dollars by easing compliance with new work, health and safety (WHS) regulations.

SiteBook is used in construction projects and handles the delivery of training and inductions to workers, automatically requests and stores safety information from subcontractors and provides WHS compliance status information to supervisors and managers.

According to Pelsys chief executive Chris Anthony the software is already being used by more than a dozen businesses in South Australia, ranging from small family builders to large corporate construction companies.

“We’ve had a very positive response to the software,” he said. “Just about every builder we show it to takes it on. The main reason builders subscribe to the app is to comply with the new workplace health and safety law that came into effect in January.

“Using manual processes, WHS compliance can chew into your gross profit by at least $1500 per project whereas SiteBook keeps all compliance records automatically”.

AREA Construction general manager Chris Went estimates the app will save it as much as $200,000 a year through improved efficiency.

“The online document control saves us thousands of man-hours and ensure contractors and site staff have access to the latest drawings at all times,” he said.

Giuseppe Tauriello – Advertiser 



‘New app helps builders meet workplace safety compliance’ – IT Wire, 29th Jan. 2014

Adelaide software developer Chris Anthony has successfully launched a tablet-based app designed to allow builders to do away with a vast amount of paperwork while still complying with strict workplace safety laws. Read full article here –



‘SA builders embrace cloud-based workplace safety app’ – ARN Net, 29th Jan. 2014

Adelaide-based company Pelsys has developed workplace safety software that reduces time, cuts paperwork and avoids thousands of dollars in fines from the state’s new work, health and safety regulations. Read full article here –



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