Safety Services

 Safety Systems & Quality Systems

SiteBook can customise a Safety System or Quality System for your business.

To discuss, please contact Chris on 1300 736 316

Construction Safety Packs

SiteBook can provide Builders and Contractors with a “Construction Safety Pack” at very competitive prices.
The levels of Safety Document Packs available are:

  1. Safety Pack For Sole Traders
  2. Safety Pack for Subcontractors 
  3. Safety Pack for Principal Contractors (Builders who manage work sites)


Your Business may require SWMS or SOP’s, along with a Safety Pack, depending on your Trade, and any plant & equipment used (see below).

Safety Briefing for Contractors

We can provide a Safety Briefing for your staff & subcontractors; advising them of their safety obligations, followed by a one-on-one discussion regarding individual contractor safety requirements.  The topics we cover are:

  • The Safety requirements for Contractors in Construction
  • How to provide the Builder with Safety information using SiteBook.



Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

We can prepare a Safe Work Methods Statements document for Trade, describing risks, hazards and control measures to reduce the risk of injury to workers.

The cost of a SWMS depends on your Trade, and level of high risk work.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Our Safety Adviser can write Standard Operating Procedure for each item of plant & machinery.

The cost depends on the complexity of equipment.

 Site Safety Inspections

Our Safety Advisor can assist builders by performing a Site Safety Inspection. This service includes a written Site Inspection report with findings and suggested recommendations.

It is recommended that a Site Safety Inspection is performed on a regular basis to identify and correct and safety issues.

Toolbox Meetings

A “Tool Box meeting” is a 30 minute on-site safety meeting for staff and contractors to discuss safety. This service includes a written Toolbox Meeting report with discussions and recommendations.

contact us on  1300 736 316

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