How does SiteBook collect WHS information?

Collecting Work Health & Safety information from subcontractors, and their workers, is easy with SiteBook.

There are 4 steps to the process:



1. Setup Project (Work Site).
The Builder adds a new work site in SiteBook. This is an easy process which automatically generates your Safety documents and site induction training for workers.

2. Supply Details.
Your subcontractors are sent an email that contains a “Click here” ¬†link into SiteBook so they can provide their Safety documents and workers details online.

3. Online Induction.
All workers receive an “Induction Request” email with a “Click here” link to the site induction in SiteBook.
After they complete the online induction, they will have access to the latest plans & specifications.
Workers provide their white card details, Licences and emergency contact details during their online induction.

4. Monitor WHS Status
The site Manager can immediately see who is, or is not, compliant with the WHS regulations, reducing the risk of on-the-spot-fines! If a worker is not compliant , you can induct him on-site, and collect his cards & tickets on-the-spot.

All the pages in SiteBook are super-easy-to use, and we have online user guides to help you get started.



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