Contractors can follow the steps below to get started with SiteBook.

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1. Get your Safety Pack documents sorted out first.

Contractors will need a safety pack that contains documents for your specific work activities.
Learn more about Safety Packs here.

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2. Create your SWMS template.

If you want to use the "Online-SWMS" function in SiteBook to generate your SWMS automatically  and email it to the builder - to reduce physical paperwork for each job, then read this : How to configure a SWMS template for SiteBook

3. Register with SiteBook

If you already have a SiteBook account, then email and ask them to upgrade your account to allow you to the free trial subscription, otherwise

Register with SiteBook here.

Follow the prompts in SiteBook, enter your employees or Workers, then enter your subcontractors.

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4.  Setup your JSA Checklist

If you want your supervisor or workers to complete a "Pre-Start" Check List (sometimes called a Take 5,  JSA,  JSEA, or other names!)   then create a "Pre-Start Check List Template" in SiteBook. Learn more here.

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5.  Setup a Job Template

Follow these instructions to setup a job template.

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6.  You are ready to enter first Job!

We recommend that you set-up a "fake" job for testing, set the Principal Contractor to your business so the SWMS email is sent to you for testing.

To enter your first job click on the "Add Job" button on the Job List Page

If you need help to configure SiteBook for your business then contact us here.


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