QR-Code Inductions COVID-19 update for VIC Builders

SiteBook QR-Code inductions can be used to request vaccination certificates and authorised worker permits complete with issue dates & photo evidence.

As Victorian builders prepare to return to work under the Construction Restart Plan, construction workers face new safety requirements accross their worksites.

SiteBook’s contactless inductions can now be configured per worksite to include additional modules to assist in ensuring that your business is COVID-compliant.

This includes collecting:

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Authorised worker permits

The daily safety notice can also be used to remind any workers checking-in to your worksites to complete their COVIDSafe Construction Declaration.

As the COVID safety regulations differ across each State, these modules can be added individually to inductions as-needed on a site-to-site basis. These additional induction items are also available in your Project Template, so they can be added to each new project automatically.

If you would like help retroactively updating all of your current worksites with new induction requirements, please contact us for assistance.

Click here for instructions on updating your worksite induction requirements to include COVID Vaccination Certificates.

A full summary of the Construction Restart Plan is available on the Victorian Government website.

As a final note, SiteBook would like to thank the builders who contacted us to give feedback, and worked closely with us to develop these system updates to meet the new requirements.

SiteBook is always looking for feedback. If you have any feedback or requests for things you’d like to see in future updates, please email support@sitebook.com.au

If you would like to order core-flute safety signs, please see our order page here: https://web.sitebook.com.au/order-site-signs/

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