For Builders (or Principal Contractors)

For Builders (or Principal Contractors), SiteBook will automate the following tasks for you:

  • Generates a Safety Management Plan for each site (required for each site)
  • Generates Site Induction & training module for each site, for all workers.
  • Generates emails to subcontractors requesting “WHS compliance" documents
  • Collects business details from your Subcontractors (licence, Insurances etc.)
  • Collects safety documents from your subcontractors (e.g. SWMS & SDS)
  • Collects workers details from your subcontractor’s (name, white cards, licences, emergency contact)
  • Generates emails to all workers “Site Induction requests
  • Provide an online site induction to all workers
  • Provides copies of the latest plans & specifications for your subcontractors
  • Provides you with an instant view of the safety status of workers and subcontractors on each work site.


For  Contractors

For Contractors, SiteBook will provide:

  • Easy Access to job information, on a tablet or smartphone, via
    • QR Code sticker at site, or
    • Clicking on a link in an Email, or
    • Job List page in SiteBook
  • Access to Safety documents for each job including:
    • SWMS
    • Safety Data Sheets
    • Plans and Specification for the job
    • Emergency procedures & contact numbers
    • Incident Procedures
    • Any other procedures/policies loaded in the document library
  • Complete a Pre-start check list online (aka JSA, JSEA or Take 5)
  • Generate SWMS for the Job and Deliver to Principal
    • Fills in SWMS with job information entered
    • Easy delivery to Principal by email
  • Provides a facility to record Incidents including:
    • Work place injury
    • Hazards
    • Incidents

Click to see a summary of  how easy it is to collect Work Health and Safety Information using SiteBook.

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