As of 1st January 2014, new regulations mean that Builders are required to collect Work Health & Safety Documents from subcontractors.

If a subcontractors does not have the correct safety documents, then both the subcontractor and the Builder can be issued with on-the-spot-fines by SafeWork, or much worse penalties if there is a serious incident on the work site, of up to  $3 million fine and/or 5 year prison term!

All contracting businesses  in building and construction industry are now required to have a set of Safety Documents, often referred to as a "Safety Pack".
To learn more about contractors safety documents click here.

The Builder is not required to collect all the contractors safety documents, but may ask to see  them when on site.
Contractors can supply the builder with their safety documents by uploading the documents into SiteBook.

The documents you should supply to the Builder (using SiteBook) are:

1. Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

If you or your workers perform any high risk construction work, then you need to prepare a SWMS, ensure your workers have read, understood and  signed the SWMS, then give a copy of the signed SWMS to the Builder. You should upload a your completed SWMS into SiteBook .

To learn more about SWMS click here.


2. Safety Data Sheets (SDS's)

Subcontractors are required to have Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for any hazardous chemicals that you use or store.

If you bring any hazardous chemicals on site, then please supply the builder with a copy of the SDS by uploading it into SiteBook.

 To learn more about safety data sheets click here.


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