Collection of Safety Information

At a minimum, Builders are required to collect/check safety information from contractors (on Projects with a value exceeding $450K) including:

  1. Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) when there is "high risk work" activities performed,
  2. White Card information for all workers.


Contractor Safety Packs

Contractors are required to have safety documents that comply with the Work Health & Safety (WHS) Legislation, as of 1 January 2014.

The safety documents are referred to as a “Safety Pack”, and must be readily accessible while you are working on a site, along with your First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher.

The actual documents required in your Safety Pack is dependent on the size of your business, and your work activities.

"Most contractors know they need a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for high risk work because that’s what builders ask for. But a lot of contractors are unaware that they need more than just a SWMS, to avoid getting fined!"  Mark Clarke, WH & S Advisor.

Usually a Builder will ask for copies of your White Cards and  SWMS, rather than all the documents in your safety pack, because  the builder is not required to keep copies of all the documents in your safety pack.

If a subcontractor doesn't have the correct safety documents on site, then both the Builder and the subcontractor may be liable for on-the-spot fines and/or far more severe penalties if there is a serious incident on the work site.

To view the Safety documents required,  click on the trades listed below.
If your trade is not listed, then click here.

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