COVID-19 SWMS and Procedures

Under the Work Health and Safety laws, employers have a duty to provide a safe working environment for workers, that includes identifying risks and implementing control measures to reduce potential harm.

Within the current climate, exposure to COVID-19 is considered a risk, as death may result.
PCBU’s must therefore do everything reasonably practicable to keep workers safe.

Control measures to reduce the risk of infection may include:

  • Maintaining Worker and site hygiene
  • Social / physical distancing
  • Keeping workers up to date on COVID-19 information
  • Providing adequate facilities and equipment for workers
  • Maintaining a safe working environment

It is the responsibility of all employers and site personnel to minimise the spread of COVID-19, alongside the usual site safety measures.

To assist Principal Contractors, SiteBook is providing a free SWMS for COVID-19, and a COVID-19 Procedures Guide for Construction Workers.

Click here to view our Documents Download Page.

Please make use of the following information, and ensure that all site personnel are conducting their work as safely as possible.


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