COVIDSafe information for Construction – Victoria

Construction sites are OPEN under COVIDSafe Requirements.


Summary of Requirements:


  • Businesses must keep records of all workers and visitors to sites
    - Use manual record keeping
    - Use the free Government QR service
    - Use the SiteBook Attendance module


  • Inductions should be conducted outdoors when possible
    - Conduct inductions outdoors
    - Use online or video inductions
    - Use the SiteBook mobile app for inductions


  • You must carry a face mask at all times when leaving the home
  • Face masks must be worn indoors
    - Provide face masks for workers
    - Enforce wearing face masks indoors


  • Create workforce bubbles to avoid worker overlap during shift changes


  • If you are sick STAY AT HOME


Every business must also follow the 6 Principles of COVIDSafe Workplaces:

  1. Ensure physical distancing (1.5 metres)
  2. Wear a face mask
  3. Practise good hygiene
  4. Keep records of all people who enter the workplace and act quickly if staff are unwell
  5. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces
  6. Create workforce bubbles

Further resources:

Govt. web site -
6 Principles -
COVIDSafe Summer -

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