SiteBook’s Guide to Site Inductions

Site Inductions

Site inductions are a great way for principal contractors and workers to exchange safety information.

It is important that all workers including contractors are advised of site specific work health and safety risks prior to commencing work.

Likewise, site management should ensure that workers are qualified to undertake the work they have been contracted to do.


What should be included in an induction?

During a typical construction site induction, the principal contractor may provide:

    • A copy of the Site WHS Management Plan
    • The site rules and safety notices
    • The emergency procedures guide

While during an induction, a worker might be required to provide

    • A copy of their white card and high risk work licences
    • Any relevant training and qualifications certificates
    • Signed safe work method statements (SWMS)


What makes a good site induction?

Good inductions are simple and easy to understand. All workers must understand the nature of their work and the site safety policies and procedures.

A good induction outlines site specific risks and provides workers with the information required to safely complete their work (e.g. locations of amenities, emergency procedures, and risk control measures).

Management should be satisfied that each worker is qualified for their contracted work by requesting and collecting certificates and licences.


How should I conduct site inductions?

Site inductions are best given in person, but this is not always possible. Given the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, some businesses have elected to go contactless with inductions.

Video induction can be a great alternative, by giving workers and contractors pre-recorded presentations covering all the induction material.

SiteBook offers a mobile app which workers can use to complete inductions, and is free for contractors. Find what works for your business!

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