The in’s and out’s of White Cards… What they are and how to get a White Card online.

Most states in Australia requires that each and every worker on a construction site has completed a short training course to attain their construction industry White Card, before stepping foot on site.

If you are exploring SiteBook, it is likely that you have one already, and may have had one for many years! However, if you are looking to organize a White Card for an employee (perhaps one moving from admin to site work), here is the essential info that you need to know…


What is a White Card?

A White Card shows employers that you have completed the work health and safety course that is a prerequisite for working on a building site in most states of Australia.

A White Card is a card that fits neatly in your wallet. The card itself used to be green in colour, and was therefore known as your ‘Green Card’. Although its colour has changed to white, it is still commonly referred to as a ‘Green Card’… So don’t be confused. White Card and Green Card are the same thing, requiring the same level of training regarding safe work place practices.


Where do I get a White Card?

A number of registered training organisations (RTO’s) deliver White Card training in SA. You can complete your White Card through a construction industry association, such as the HIA or Master Builders Association, or find a provider (and lots of other information) via the Construction Industry Training Board.


Can I get my White Card online?

Online White Card training is available from many providers around Australia, from as little as $50 (simply Google ‘White Card online’).

However, it’s important to know that not all White Card training providers are endorsed by the Construction Industry Training Board, and no online providers are currently on the endorsed list.

Also, it’s up to the Builder whether they will accept an online white card, and not all do

So it may be safest to go through a physical RTO.

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