SA Construction leading the COVID recovery effort

As South Australia recovers from the challenges of COVID-19, it is the construction section leading the recovery effort.

SA has put forward the highest job growth numbers within the country within the critical building and construction sector, with the creation of over 2,700 jobs since July this year.

ABS job data up to the start of October shows an uptick of 4% growth for building and construction jobs – the only state to have recorded growth in the sector this year.

Employment numbers for the SA construction industry now amount to over 70,000 people, particularly as demand backed by the $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant fuels hiring among building companies.

The national job total was down an average of 3.5%, with NSW, Vic and the ACT all recording declines in their sector workforces.

NAB’s business wellbeing survey for this October mirrored the trend of recovery, as SA business owners ranked 2nd in ‘overall wellbeing’ just behind Queensland.

SA Treasurer Rob Lucas has welcomed the influx of construction jobs and industry growth as optimism and consumer confidence make their return.

“The housing and construction industry is a significant local employer and we’re delighted to see hundreds more South Australians being employed across the sector in recent weeks,” said Mr Lucas.

“This is just the start of what will be a hi-vis led recovery, with the Marshall Liberal Government investing at least another $2 billion in public infrastructure spending in the upcoming State Budget – on top of our existing record $12.9 billion commitment.

“Part of this includes a new tradies jobs package – which will create and support thousands of jobs over the next two years – with upgrades to schools, hospitals, roads and housing right across the state.

For more information visit the Premier’s website.

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