Safety Management

SiteBook makes it easy for Trades to comply with WHS legislation.
On-line systems mean that information is available at the office, or on-site.

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Risk Assessments

  • Provide your Staff with ability to complete a Pre-Start risk assessment check list on site before commencing work.
  • Select from our templates or create your own Check List e.g.
    • Prestart Check List
    • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Check List
    • Job Safety & Environmental Analysis (JSEA) Check List
    • Take 5 Check List

Incident Management (Incidents/Injuries/Hazards)

  • Record the details for Incident, Injures and Hazards on site
  • Attach photos, documents and or notes
  • Assign Actions / instructions / tasks and notify Persons of required actions
  • Review and Close-out process

Site Instructions

  • Issue Site Instructions to Personnel on site or subcontractors.
  • Attach photos or documents.
  • Send Notifications via SMS or email.
  • Includes Close-out and Verification process.

Toolbox Talks

Communication and consultation is an important part of safety management.

  • Record Toolbox meeting (safety meetings) topics discussed and feedback.
  • Log attendees and signatures

Safety Manual Online

  • Provide your staff with online access to your company safety manual
  • Upload your own Company policies, procedures, and other documents,
    or purchase one of our safety manuals , customised for your business

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Provide your staff with online access to your Standard operating procedures
  • Upload and revise the documents as required

Safety Data Sheets

  • Provide your staff with online access to your Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
  • Provides an indicator for Expired SDS’s over 5 years old.
  • Upload and revise the documents as required.

SWMS Builder

  • Provide your Staff with ability to prepare Safe work Method Statement (SWMS) on site before commencing work.
  • Select the activities, Job Steps hazards and control measures from templates.
  • Review, Update and add workers to the SWMS.
  • Workers sign-on to the SWMS.

Hazardous Chemicals Register

  • Provide your staff with online access to your Hazardous Chemicals Register.
  • Record the storage of your hazardous substances.
  • Link to your Safety Data Sheets.

PPE Register

  • Record the details of Personal Protective (PPE) issued to your staff or contractors

Plant & Equipment Register

  • Record your details of your Plant & equipment
  • Attach phots
  • Attach maintenance logs & documents

Tag & Test Register

  • Record the test results for your 240v equipment

Training Register (with card photos)

  • Keep track of Cards, tickets & Qualifications
  • Capture photos of cards
  • Easily identify expired cards &licences

Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

SiteBook automates the process of collecting pre-qualification items for your subcontractors.

  • Select the requirements for each contractors.
  • Review and approve items
  • Automated email requests for expired items
  • Includes:
    • Licences
    • Insurances
    • Qualifications

Quality Management

  • Quality Manual Online /Procedures
  • Check Lists /Inspection sheets
  • Corrective Action / instructions

Note: Quality Systems are customised for your business. Contact us for details.

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