Site Attendance Register with a Mobile App

A key aspect of managing safety on a commercial work site, or high density residential site, is to keep a record of the people currently on the site. This record is referred to as a Site Attendance Register.

In the case of an emergency the Site manager is required to account for everyone’s whereabouts, and possibly order an emergency evacuation of the site.

SiteBook has recently upgraded the Site Managers’s mobile app with a function to send emergency SMS notifications to all personnel and visitors who are signed-in to the work site.

When the Site Manager leaves the site office, they still have access to the Site Attendance register using their mobile phone.

Trades/contractors can download a free app to complete their site induction and register their Attendance by scanning a unique QR-Code on a site entrance sign with a phone camera. Scanning the QR-Code launches the mobile app and displays the site attendance page for that site. The person just has to confirm that the time and press “Arrive on site” or “Depart Site“.

The QR-Code is unique to the work site, and the phones current time is used. Site attendees just need to scan the code and confirm attendance, and scan again and confirm for departure.

After a Trade or contractor arrives on site using the site attendance app, there is an option to show the daily safety notice to person, and record a “Read and Understood” confirmation.

By using SiteBook’s online system, Site Managers can have access to site safety information through both their phone and their computer via a web site.

The Site Attendance Register is part of an extensive online safety system designed exclusively for Australian Builders and Principal Contractors.

Site Attendance is just one of the features of SiteBook’s safety management system, which also includes site inductions, WHS monitoring, and many other essential features for Site Managers.

For more information, or for an obligation free demo, contact us at SiteBook.

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