Site Induction App now collects High Risk Work Licence

The SiteBook Induction App can now be configured to ask about work activities on site.
If a person is undertaking activities that are deemed to be high risk work, then they will be prompted to provide their necessary cards & tickets.

Workers can download the free mobile app “SiteBook Induction” to complete their induction when they arrive on site.

A question is asked:

Are you performing High Risk Construction Work? 

A High Risk Work Licence is required for:

·         Crane and hoist operation.

·         Elevated work platform with boom > 11 metres.

·         Dogging and rigging work.

·         Forklift operation.

·         Pressure equipment operation.

·         Scaffolding erection where fall height > 4 metres.


By answering yes, they will be required to provide the details of their High Risk Work Licence, along with a photo of the licence for verification.

Answering ‘No’ will simply continue with the induction.

High Risk Work Licence collection is just one of the new features our latest update. The Induction App is now capable of collecting various other “activity based” qualifications such as: Elevated Work Platform Licence, and Working Safely with Tilt-Up Concrete.


SiteBook is an Australian safety management system which provides mobile access to:

·         Site inductions through our free mobile app

·         Site Attendance Register

·         Site Diary with photos

·         Corrective Actions and Defect Management

·         Latest plans and specs online

·         Collect and Review Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) from your subcontractors


For an obligation free demo of SiteBook you can either call us on 1300 736 316 or contact us here


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