SiteBook Development Update

Since SiteBook was founded in 2012, we have made a number of major updates to the software.

    • 2012 saw the beginning of SiteBook with our Tender Management Module.
    • 2013 saw the addition of the Safety Management module, following the beginning of the WHS harmonisation Legislation in Australia.
    • 2018 we launched our mobile app for Site Inductions.
    • 2019 we launched QR-Code inductions and attendance.
    • 2020 we launched Geofenced auto-attendance.


We’ve certainly come a long way since our launch – some of our older subscribers may even recognise our project list from early 2014!


Over the years we’ve built on SiteBook, using the same framework that we initially started with.

But in the background over the last few months, our development team has been porting our old website into a new API, and rebuilding the website from scratch with new technology, meaning...


We are excited to officially announce the SiteBook website redesign!

Click on the image above to preview a short video of the new SiteBook website redesign.

The new Control Centre web app gives users access to the latest technology, improving the look and feel of the website.

We can also offer new capabilities such as photo folders, dashboards, and a revamped scheduling system.

The new Control Centre is currently estimated to be ready in around 6 months, but we currently have a few of our clients already using the new system.

Lots of exciting changes will be coming in the new update!

If you'd like to take a look around, contact us and we'll give you a login so you can see the new system first-hand.

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