SafeWork SA Suspends Asbestos Assessor Licence

An asbestos assessor has had their licence suspended by SafeWork SA for three months.

SafeWork SA issued the suspension after their investigations revealed that the assessor had failed to conduct their work with reasonable care.

SafeWork SA conducted the investigations over a number of months, and discovered that the assessor issued clearance certificates whilst debris was still visible on site.

Asbestos assessor licences grant the authority to undertake air monitoring and clearance inspections. Passing inspections are given clearance certificates for the safe reoccupation the work site.

The assessor failed to complete a competent clearance inspection, and issued the clearance certificate before the site was safe to use.

SafeWork SA’s Executive Director Martyn Campbell said:

“The removal of asbestos containing material is a critical focus area for us and failure to safely manage removal can lead to long term health effects to workers and others.”

“SafeWork SA will not tolerate licence holders taking short cuts and not exercising their duty under WHS laws.”

Alongside the three month suspension, the suspended licence holder must also successfully complete appropriate training as an additional condition to their reinstatement.

Visit SafeWork SA for more details.

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