COVID-19 Information from WHS Regulators

WHS regulators are responsible for enforcing and regulating WHS laws. Here is a list of Australian WHS Regulators and their information and support channels regarding COVID-19.

Comcare – Comcare has issued guidance for workers and employers on work health and safety and workers’ compensation in relation to the coronavirus outbreak. The information includes advice on WHS obligations, managing risks and compensation coverage.

SafeWork NSW – Coronavirus

Worksafe Victoria

Queensland – WorkCover QLD- Coronavirus (COVID-19) workplace risk management 

Northern Territory – NT Worksafe – Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Tasmania – WorkSafe Tasmania – Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

South Australia – SafeWork SA – Coronavirus (COVID-19) workplace information

Western Australia – Coronavirus – What can be done to prepare for the possibility of a viral outbreak in the workplace

More information from SafeWork Australia:

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