Two electric shock incidents in under a month

After the second incident in under a month’s time, SafeWork SA is reminding businesses of the risks posed by electrical supplies which haven’t been de-energised.

Any power supply that has not been properly de-energised presents the danger of electric shock or electrocution.

Both recent incidents resulted from the power not being properly de-energised.

SafeWork SA has released new information for those working on or near electrical installations or services including potential risks and how to manage them.

SafeWork SA would like to remind everyone that some types of work-related dangerous incidents must be notified even if no-one is injured.

“SafeWork SA must be notified of any incident in relation to a workplace that exposes any person to a serious risk resulting from an immediate or imminent exposure to an electric shock.”

The construction industry made up 20% of the 267 notifications made to SafeWork SA in the last 12 months regarding electric shock or risk of an electric shock.

For further information consult SafeWork SA’s Electrical Work Resources:

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