How cost effective is your tender process?

With work becoming more competitive and margins being squeezed as a result it is becoming even more important to make sure you are getting the best value from all the systems you use. While labour and material costs are your biggest expenses and are the first items that are looked at to maintain your margins just how much is it costing you to run not only your tender process but also to make sure your contractors and supervisors have all the relevant project information?

Postage and printing (paper and ink) are the main costs but what about the time it costs you or your admin/tender project manager to not only send out the initial plans and specifications and make sure this process is completed? How many sets of plans and specifications do you print for your own office use? How much time is wasted contacting contractors that haven’t responded to the plans you spent that time and money to post out? Do you have to go through the entire process again if there are revisions or updates to the project? When you think about it, that process is wasting a lot of time, paper, ink and therefore money.

Imagine if you could, with a single mouse click, send out an email to all your contractors with a link to access all the relevant plans and specifications for a particular project. Imagine all the information also being available to all your own staff including, via a laptop or ipad, to your supervisors out on site. Imagine the time and money savings. Imagine a simple way to update plans and specifications with any revisions made by the designer or owner. Imagine not having to physically archive all those sets of plans and specifications. Imagine if in 2 years you need to access those plans and they are just a quick search away in a database.

Imagine no longer, let us show you how we can help you do all this and more. For a monthly subscription with no contracts we can free up your time and save you substantial amounts of money you presently spend on printing and postage

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