Induction Videos in SiteBook’s Mobile App

The SiteBook mobile apps now supports videos as part of the induction process.

After a request from one of our more progressive builders, we have added support for playback as part of site inductions.

Video inductions are perfect for providing clear worksite information alongside audio and visual aids. This can make it easier for workers who speak English as a second language to understand site rules and procedures.

A video presentation is a great way to quickly provide a lot of information while engaging the viewer. Audio tracks make reading along easier, and visual aids make explanations more effective.

Videos are great for showing. Things such as site amenities, safety equipment locations, and emergency meeting points can be shown quickly and effectively.

Any builders looking to take advantage of induction videos can now do so through SiteBook.

See below for a preview!




SiteBook is an Australian safety management system for construction companies, builders, trades, and contractors.

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