New Scaffold Compliance Blitz by SafeWork NSW

The recent results of SafeWork NSW’s safety inspections have incited a second scaffold compliance blitz.

Initial inspections saw over 800 notices issued to worksites around the state following significant safety breaches.

NSW Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson has reminded the industry of the risks including heavy fines.

Compliance issues found by SafeWork inspectors included scaffolds with missing parts, unlicenced workers, and substandard safety measures for scaffold operators working at heights.

“This is no joke – this year alone three people have died and 25 have been seriously injured due to falling from a height,” Mr Anderson said.

“Over the first three month blitz SafeWork inspectors issued 26 penalty notices, 232 prohibition notices and 580 improvement notices, 500 of which were for risks associated with falling from heights.

“We will not tolerate poor safety and workers lives being placed at risk on our worksites. From today we are kicking off a new three month blitz, focusing on these risks.

“The sites we’ve identified can expect another visit very soon.”

Mr Anderson stated that the notices were only part one of SafeWork NSW’s safety process, and recent amendments to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 could result in up to 5-years jail time for offenders.

Mr Anderson also reminded workers to use the Speak Up app to confidentially notify SafeWork NSW of any unsafe practices.

For more information visit SafeWork NSW.

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