Contactless Mobile Site Inductions

SiteBook’s new Induction process lets construction workers complete zero-contact inductions on their phones without any downloads.

Inductions can be completed two ways:

  • Scanning the site’s unique QR Code (displayed on your site sign)
  • Following a URL like sent to the person’s phone

URL links can be sent via email or sms. Both methods launch the site’s induction page through SiteBook’s mobile website.

Here workers can complete a full induction, access the site safety information, and record their attendance on site (optional).

Workers who complete inductions will only be able to see their own induction, their attendance record, and the daily site safety notice board.

With COVID impacting the way many construction sites handle business, presenting clear and accessible site information is more important than ever.

For this reason we have made inductions and attendance records easier than ever, with no apps or programs to worry about!

Site signs can be ordered through SiteBook, or you can print off your own unique site QR Codes from our website to put up yourself.

For more info contact us at SiteBook.


SiteBook is an Australian safety management system for construction companies, builders, trades, and contractors.

For an obligation free demo of SiteBook you can either call us on 1300 736 316 or visit our website:

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